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The Corner

A place where if a snake was backed into, would instantly strike viciously at its attacker(s). It is a well coined expression based on this absolute truth of what actually happens. So this begs the question, do we humans always strike back without a second thought if faced with a similar predicament to that of the snake?

I believe it is instinctual, ingrained in our basic need to survive. But, can we ever overcome that instinct with out intellect and squash that behaviour if we feel it to be self destructive? Sounds like an intellect vs. instinct topic doesn’t it.

So I will leave with this: What will happen if one is backed into a corner? An even scarier notion, what if that person had nothing to lose?


Blogging and the Social Change

I’ve noticed a social change… not exactly a revolution of sorts, but more like a shift in the way we interact with others. It’s a change that I believe we’re oblivious to. However, maybe you’ll get what I’m talking about as you read on.

While browsing the many fashion gurus on youtube, I stumbled across this video from FAWN (For all Women’s Network) – a channel born from a collaboration of famous youtube beauty gurus Promise Phan, Jessica Harlow, Bethany Mota (macbarbie07), Andrea (AndreasChoice), Michelle Phan, Chriselle Lim, and Daven Mayeda. The one thing that struck me the most was what Daven Mayeda said during their show Close up & Personal:

“We’ve lived in such a time for so many years where everything was secret, like all of our trades were secret, like I couldn’t tell you what lipstick I used [or] I couldn’t tell you what hair spray I used because everybody was kinda’ for themselves… I feel like everybody’s more open with information.”  – Daven Mayeda

Jane Marie (the editor of TheHairpin.com and a guest on their show) went further to say that now not everybody is afraid of having their secrets out there for everyone else to know. Don’t they have a point? I think they do. Blogging and youtube has definitely changed the way most of us interact. People have channels dedicated to sharing recipes, beauty tips, and other trade secrets. To be honest, I welcome this change. It’s great to share with others and in turn expand your knowledge when they share with you… it’s essentially a big “share-fest” and we’re all invited!

But here’s the really big kick in the pants for those that want to keep everything to themselves and still want to be known: Michelle Phan added that people are more interested in those that share versus the people that just hoard information for themselves. So, if your ultimate goal is to be dicovered, all you have to do is share. It really is a simple act… and yet it demands so much from us.

So here’s my question to you, why is it so hard to share?


Dear Readers,

I think I’m back.

– Farrah

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