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The Corner

A place where if a snake was backed into, would instantly strike viciously at its attacker(s). It is a well coined expression based on this absolute truth of what actually happens. So this begs the question, do we humans always strike back without a second thought if faced with a similar predicament to that of the snake?

I believe it is instinctual, ingrained in our basic need to survive. But, can we ever overcome that instinct with out intellect and squash that behaviour if we feel it to be self destructive? Sounds like an intellect vs. instinct topic doesn’t it.

So I will leave with this: What will happen if one is backed into a corner? An even scarier notion, what if that person had nothing to lose?


The Void

We all have one don’t we, that metaphorical hole which we fill with something or another to make us feel whole. Its substance unique to the individual as, of course, everyone has different priorities. The putty, if you will, could be anything from socializing and shmoozing, shopping, family, religion, health and fitness, etc.

So where exactly am I going with this seeing that the above paragraph is ridiculously obvious? Well, what happens when it’s barren? When life is void of meaning? It’s dismal to think about the idea if yours is filled to the brim with nothing but positive things, but for some people this is their reality. So is this when people turn to scrupulous activities and become self-destructive? I mean, it’s undeniable that many negative outcomes to such a bleak outlook on life exist. For instance, a prime example would be the unfortunate and deadly, last-ditch-attempt-to-make-the-world-a-better-place suicide. So this begs the question, shouldn’t there be more effective safety nets installed in any given society that helps these said people? There are so many factors which can deprive someone of a full void like, for example, losing their job. So does that mean that we, as a collective, are responsible for these people? That the government should be more active in helping those who risk severe depression? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that our society has installed a plethora of groups specific to treating those that fall into self destructive habits. But, are they as effective as we think?



With all these questions swirling about, it would have been nice if I were qualified to research further into this… maybe a major in sociology wouldn’t have been such a bad idea.


Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Right now, I’m listening to the rain. As each rain drop falls from the sky and splashes on the ground, a melodic sound echos through the air. That, and coupled with the sound of gentle wind chimes and waves just enrich the audio experience.


I’m listening to ambient music courtesy of an app on my iPhone because I miss the rain. The weather has been teasing us Canadians with the promise of rain to cool us off from the intense heat and humidity we’ve been condemned to this summer. Unfortunately, it hasn’t properly rained in what feels like ages and this, my friends, is highly problematic. Why? We risk a severe drought. Already the grass is shrivelled and burnt. And let’s not forget the flowers that can’t stand the direct rays of the afternoon sun, as they have been roasted alive.

It gets worse.

On the news, the anchors and specialists were talking about the drought affecting food prices and ultimately the economy (unfortunately, I can’t remember the direct source). How? The crops aren’t surviving, which means that food prices are going to increase because the supply is dwindling. Now, the economy is already taking a nose dive so people are already pinching their pockets. But with the expected increase in grocery bills, people will think twice about breaking the bank over gourmet foods. Less spending = bad for the economy. Now this is based on the drought in the US, but it will take a toll on those countries which US exports to. Clearly I’m just grazing the surface on this impending crisis, so by all means, research into this problem further.

Talk about consequences.