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“You should have seen that sunrise, with your own eyes. It brought me back, to life” – John Mayer in 3×5

The oranges and yellows dance in the sky, colouring the sky a frosty blue – a different kind of blue, a calmer, mature blue. The sun itself is crisp, new to the sky as if it never graced our hemisphere at all, tickling the belly of the clouds with a hue of red. The air cooled from the rein of night, untainted by the afternoon heat and smog. Yes, viewing the sun rise is such a soothing experience.

So what is so magical about the sun rising from the horizon? Would we all benefit if we started our day off early, early enough to witness the sun slowly making its way through the sky? To bathe in the cool, morning rays as opposed to the harsh afternoon ones?

In our culture, we foster the term to “sleep in” as a term to describe the rest of our bodies from a late night. But to me, to miss the sunrise would be to miss nature’s most exquisite painting.


[New goal: Wake up early and take siestas] 


The Process

As a woman who dabbles in the arts, I’ve grown accustom to ugly beginnings when I start a new painting/drawing/sketch/etc. Nothing will ever look complete unless I take the time to finish it, to truly lose myself to the colours, shapes, shades, patterns, and lines that I see. This morning, I definitely lost myself to my artwork. I started it about two days before and I kept taking pictures each time I stopped working on it. It was really interesting to see how it evolved from start to finish… and this got me thinking about the process behind completing anything, whether it’s artwork, homework, projects, etc. Some processes provide instant gratification as the time taken till completion is short. However, some take longer than others.

In that being said, it all boils down to patience and determination if we fall into a long process. The idea of giving up can easily creep in when results aren’t apparent. Heck, I’ve been known to stop half way through a painting and start a new concept because I don’t get how to get a specific texture translated into my work.

So here’s the deal, should we only pursue the processes which will only provide instant gratification to be happy, or should we tackle both the quick processes and the ones that will bear fruit later on? Which ones do you seek out?

©Farrah Merza: The rough sketch, the beginning.
©Farrah Merza: I stopped here for the night
©Farrah Merza: Resumed in the morning and then took a break
©Farrah Merza: The second break of the day today
©Farrah Merza: The End, the finished artwork. See how the picture kept changing? It was definitely very gratifying when done even though it took a couple days to complete it.


(c) Elena Kalis

While perusing countless articles and blogs, I was introduced to the photography of the lovely Elena Kalis, a Russian born visual artist who – clearly – is the master of underwater photography.

After viewing some photos from her Alice in Wonderland portfolio, I was hooked!  I went into a fervour, wanting to see more and more of her impeccably executed photography.  Even though some of her pictures seemed playful, others had some morbid undertones to them.  However, that did not dissuade me from her art. It just made me even more intrigued!

Here’s a link to an interview with Elena as she talks about her Alice in Wonderland project.  Check out her website as well for more photography.

Enjoy ;)