“The Dog Ate my Homework”

It has been too long, but trust me when I say that I have been absolutely craving the eventuality of blogging. Alright, back on topic. I’m currently reading through a drab textbook about communication and the following phrase just sparked my curiosity: “Excuses place your messages – even your failures – in a more favourable light” (p. 183). See, this is a bit problematic for me. I mean sure, having a reason behind a blunder does instill some empathy towards your plight, but it is not just as cut and dry as this text claims with this phrase.

The nature of our society is one of a constant go-go-go, work-more-and-play-less type, which leaves little wiggle room for excuses to work as effectively, even if it may be genuine. In such downtrodden times, there’s no room for error and frequent excuses because there’s always another solution… always. It’s terrible, it’s horrible, and unfortunately it’s life.

So what now? Should we be content with our current culture? I am not going to lie, I do love being busy with so much on my plate. However, what happens when all empathy and sympathy is stripped and only product is valued?


Clark, D., Devito, A., J., & Shimoni, R.. (2012). Messages: Building Interpersonal Communication Skills 4ed. Pearson Canada Inc. Toronto, Ontario.


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