“You should have seen that sunrise, with your own eyes. It brought me back, to life” – John Mayer in 3×5

The oranges and yellows dance in the sky, colouring the sky a frosty blue – a different kind of blue, a calmer, mature blue. The sun itself is crisp, new to the sky as if it never graced our hemisphere at all, tickling the belly of the clouds with a hue of red. The air cooled from the rein of night, untainted by the afternoon heat and smog. Yes, viewing the sun rise is such a soothing experience.

So what is so magical about the sun rising from the horizon? Would we all benefit if we started our day off early, early enough to witness the sun slowly making its way through the sky? To bathe in the cool, morning rays as opposed to the harsh afternoon ones?

In our culture, we foster the term to “sleep in” as a term to describe the rest of our bodies from a late night. But to me, to miss the sunrise would be to miss nature’s most exquisite painting.


[New goal: Wake up early and take siestas] 


2 thoughts on “Sunrise”

  1. Can you count the sunrises you’ve seen in your hands?

    Of late I’ve been sleeping pretty late, generally at 3AM.
    Some nights linger on and I find myself awake at 5:45AM
    and daylight has started breaking through.

    It keeps our circadian rhythms in check, waking up to sunrise and watching the sunset, I think, is a sort of mechanical way of turning the clock, gearing up the wheels for another day to come, another day gone (:

    1. That’s a good question to which I don’t know the answer. I agree with you, it is a natural clock isn’t it. Too bad I don’t take full advantage of this natural rhythm.

      Why the late nights?

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