The Void

We all have one don’t we, that metaphorical hole which we fill with something or another to make us feel whole. Its substance unique to the individual as, of course, everyone has different priorities. The putty, if you will, could be anything from socializing and shmoozing, shopping, family, religion, health and fitness, etc.

So where exactly am I going with this seeing that the above paragraph is ridiculously obvious? Well, what happens when it’s barren? When life is void of meaning? It’s dismal to think about the idea if yours is filled to the brim with nothing but positive things, but for some people this is their reality. So is this when people turn to scrupulous activities and become self-destructive? I mean, it’s undeniable that many negative outcomes to such a bleak outlook on life exist. For instance, a prime example would be the unfortunate and deadly, last-ditch-attempt-to-make-the-world-a-better-place suicide. So this begs the question, shouldn’t there be more effective safety nets installed in any given society that helps these said people? There are so many factors which can deprive someone of a full void like, for example, losing their job. So does that mean that we, as a collective, are responsible for these people? That the government should be more active in helping those who risk severe depression? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that our society has installed a plethora of groups specific to treating those that fall into self destructive habits. But, are they as effective as we think?



With all these questions swirling about, it would have been nice if I were qualified to research further into this… maybe a major in sociology wouldn’t have been such a bad idea.


5 thoughts on “The Void”

  1. What is the void? Is it tangible?
    What about what you fill the void with?
    Are they tangible?

    There is the materialistic worldview, in which the void can seem like something you want to avoid experiencing by itself. Consider the non-physical and then the void suddenly takes on a different dimension of ‘meaning’.

    In meditation, where does your mind go? Does the physical element of your body, your brain, move at all? Consider that we are always in motion, a lot of the time not acknowledging this universal motion, drawn by orbits and forces beyond our control. What of the non-physical? Does it traverse through neurons, transcend the frame of space-time, and illuminate the void?

    When it comes to helping people, on a personal level, people need to want to help themselves. Even a professional psychoanalyst can only help you as far as you are willing to help yourself. The talking cure works on this basis.

    Is it not then an individual responsibility to determine just what this void is, what it consists of, and its implications to how you appreciate life? I was told in order to appreciate life one must acknowledge that death is always at your shoulder. So in order to appreciate the water in the glass, you have to acknowledge that the glass was once empty in order to occupy the water.

    So much for meaninglessness, eh? (:

    1. I like your thoughts! “The void” is hard to define as it’s so subjective and relative to the context you attach the concept to. The void is specific to the individual, so it seems that it is indeed the individual’s responsibility to determine what fills their void.

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