The Few

In the name of “The Few”, the worst atrocities can be committed. They twist themselves into the roots of humanity like a weed, slowly choking our trees we’ve so lovingly planted (reference to blog post: Toast to the New Year). And, if The Few deem it necessary, The Many’s reputation is forever tarnished, as they peel it off like skin.

What makes The Few so powerful enough to taint the rest? That any bad news can spell T.H.E. E.N.D.? Perhaps it is humanity’s flaw that we regard the negative more important than the positive? If so, can we ever overcome that flaw?
… thoughts to ponder I suppose… 

4 thoughts on “The Few”

    1. I could very well be now couldn’t I, however, I feel the concept of “The Few” can apply to more than just the 1% that you refer to.

  1. Good topic really, and one i can relate to. Folly of a few can taint the rest, no doubt in that. I think society plays a role here, society or lets say culture is really harsh and unforgiving, i was thinking if something/someone is harsh and unforgiving, how can they manage to stay responsible?.

    I think people need to change their perspective on how they look at things, values must be redefined, what has fallen must rise! lol.

    Great post Farrah.

    1. Thank you! It’s something we all need to think about, especially when we are constantly bombarded with the news of The Few, regardless of Their nature – if that makes any sense lol. I just mean to say that The Few could be anyone representing a certain group, or They could be masterminds behind pulling other groups down.

      You’re right, society is proving to be quite unforgiving as we fail to step back and think about the multiple aspects behind a certain event headlining the news. Great comment, as per usual!

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