To Belong

Us humans are pack animals so to speak, albeit less “pimp-esque” like male lions and their pride of females. We’re stronger as a group and that’s a fact. Heck, earlier Homo sapiens could take down large mammoths just by a coordinated attack. This strong instinctual nature has filtered down, being ever-present in modern society. We construct societies built on similar foundations, ordering any outsiders to conform either by structured laws or just social pressure.

So is this why we conform, change our habits to suit the needs of the dominant group? Is this why we cling to Diasporas and/or religious orders? To feel like we belong, that we matter? Makes sense doesn’t it. It’s a void that we desperately want to fill and in fulfilling this urge, we become a collective, strong and powerful.

However, have you ever heard of the saying “your strength could be your weakness”? Well in my opinion, this strong urge can also make us vulnerable, exposed to those who could take advantage of those of us who want to belong so desperately that we would just about do anything to fit in.

But, enough about what I think. What do you think? Do you have that need, that undeniable craving to be a part of something bigger that just yourself? Something to think about perhaps…


2 thoughts on “To Belong”

  1. it is surely something to ponder upon. it seems everyone of us have that feeling to be part of that larger group.someone who is part of the society is part of that drive.

    Nice thoughts..:-)

  2. I think as human beings we feel this on many different levels and it differs between each person.

    One one hand you get the average Joe who just wants to belong. He will conform. He will subscribe to society’s definitions of morals, ethics and values. By doing so he becomes immersed in something that is bigger, as a cog in the wheel, and so long as the machine runs smoothly he does not feel as though he is just as replaceable as a spare part.

    One the other hand you have the seeker who wished to transcend. He will not conform. He will not subscribe to society, or even choose to be a part of society. This does not make him an anarchist or even an anti-social, it simply means he is not interested in what society has to offer. This individual will strive for unity that is beyond the segregation that society implies. On attaining spiritual awareness, he no longer needs to be patted on the back by the rest of society as he is stronger than that.

    Man is a creature of self, though in most cases he is consumed by the appetite of the ego. There is a difference between the self and the ego. The vedanta describes the self as something immortal and immutable, while the ego is mortal and individual. This is the difference between the two generalizations I made above. And if you really ponder on this and its implications, it changes the way you see a lot of things.

    Personally I am a non-dualist and so I do not like to think in terms of 0’s and 1’s, so society doesn’t really factor into any of this. For me what it means to belong is to feel comfortable being who you are in your surroundings and being accepted for that. If this can only be by me meeting certain requirements, then I will not have it. I would rather distance myself from that and find Nirvana in a cave somewhere on the top of a mountain.

    But hey, that’s just me (:

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