The Meanies

We’ve all stumbled upon them, the mean spirited individuals who make snide comments at others’ expense. They do it so well, with a cold and cruel demeanor that spares no one, teasing and mocking others without remorse or care. As each and every foul and sharp-tongued word flow from their lips, it boggles my mind as to how easy it is for them. What on earth is in it for them? Why do they feel the need to do it, to make others miserable?  Are they sadistic in nature, taking pleasure in making others squirm in their very presence?  Is it because they are insecure, feeling the need to put others down so that they are temporarily reassured and in the spotlight? Or, is it simply a joke that has gone too far? Could be all of them, couldn’t it.

Before I begin, let me put this out there so that conclusions about me are not drawn. I am not perfect. I cannot stress this enough, as I’ve caught myself making a snide remark or two in my head. We all jump to conclusions, judging people the instant our eyes glance over at them. But, luckily I have been able to catch myself before verbalizing these potentially nasty comments. Yeah, these comments might make people laugh, but I draw the line when it can hurt somebody. It’s about empathy, because I know that I would get hurt if I was put in their shoes. It’s like they always say, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it. And besides, there are more stimulating topics to converse about.

It’s hard to make a friend, but very easy to make an enemy. -unknown

There is so much truth behind this it’s insane! Just think about it. Everyone is different. So naturally, not everyone is going to view your humor or your comments the same. With one wrong comment, relationships can be sent down a destructive spiral, resulting in newfound enemies. Furthermore, I’ve heard the following excuse used countless times:  “… but I’m only joking!”. This is problematic. Why? Well let me ask you this, when was this ever good reason? It sounds to me like it’s a reason meant for self-validation, not to comfort the victim. Or in other words, it helps the meanies sleep better at night.

So, think about this post next time a rather vicious joke comes to mind, bubbling up from the inner depths of your meanie. The aim of the game is to pop those bubbles before they reach the surface. Why? So that you don’t make an enemy.


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