Healthy Living Putting a Dent in Your Wallet?

Healthy living is definitely becoming a must in every household. The masses are encouraged to join expensive gyms and, of course, to buy only the most natural products on the market despite the costs.  It has completely surpassed being a fad, becoming a craze that has swept through the Western Hemisphere… with the affected not pausing to think about how much money is flowing out of their wallets.  Who can blame them with the countless articles, blog posts, and books dedicated to exposing the harmful toxins appearing in everyday products and on the benefits of a well balanced lifestyle. I am most definitely guilty of partaking in fueling this wild fire as I posted about harmful toxins and beauty products, but it has to be done!  It is pretty scary stuff!  However, even though I am one of those who are becoming conscious about consumer products and produce, I personally feel that this scare is being exploited by businesses out to squeeze every last penny out of us.  You have to admit that there is some truth to it.  How could they not jump on this rather lucrative market fueled by fear?!

Now that I’m funding my own groceries and being health conscious at the same time, it’s easier to notice the price differences between the healthy and the unhealthy. It appears that all the healthy greens, fruits, proteins, and grains are ridiculously expensive in comparison with other unhealthier options.  Let’s not even start on the exorbitant prices of healthier snacks, like granola.  The pinnacle of healthy eating is, of course, consuming the organic options.  In fact, there is a monumental demand for organic produce and products, but the fact of the matter is that not a lot of people can afford this beneficial lifestyle choice.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to consume foods grown without harmful pesticides sprayed on them?

With the economy on the decline, more and more people are dipping below the average household income.  It’s like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  The rock? Choosing to spend a sizeable chunk of your money on organic options and live a relatively healthy life.  The hard place?  Not opting for the organic options, therefore potentially decreasing your life span and increasing the likelihood of you getting cancer (well that is the fear, isn’t it?).  There is another scenario, but you aren’t going to like it.  You could spend all that money on these healthier options in hopes of living a healthier life, living well above your means and becoming broke in the process.  I told you that you weren’t going to like it.

This got me thinking, can only the rich afford to be healthy?  Seems a little unfair.


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