As we go about our daily lives, how many times do we really think of how fragile we are? With one wrong swerve of the car, with one wrong step, with one severe illness or with being in the wrong place at the wrong time, we could depart this world… and yet, this thought barely crosses our mind. We forget that we are mortal beings bound to this plain for a short amount of time, and one day it will all just end.  It really doesn’t matter what background or religious affiliation you associate with, death is one thing we all share in common.  It is just what happens afterwards that differs.  But, that’s not the point I want to write about.

This fragility makes me wonder, what do we leave behind? Is it our material wealth, the relationships we make, or our reputation?  I believe the “duh” eliciting answer is all three, however it is my opinion that not all are equally remembered.  The legacy (no matter how small) and your reputation that the person has left behind will be remembered the most.

Ask yourself this, will your loved ones remember the good times, or talk only about the ill treatment they suffered by your hands (if you indeed did so)?  I wonder what I will leave behind… what will you?

A rather morbid thought isn’t it…


3 thoughts on “Mortality”

  1. Death shall not be viewed as an ultimate departure. Death is part of life. When i depart from my loved one, I die to her. What feeling lingers with her is what I have made her to feel all along..
    when i sleep today, I die to yesterday. just the remnants of that felt over feeling remains with me today…
    As we have birth, of a new life, a new hobby, a new relationship, we have death in our life too .

    So what i mean to say here is , we need not think about that day when we die to our physical world. Let us think about the each event we die to..lets make this life better.

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