What’s in a Blog… and What Shouldn’t Be

I had stumbled across a blog post titled “You blogged about what?!: Or do you draw the line?” a while back as a dewy eyed, newbie blogger searching for good posts to read.  It really helped me in choosing what topics to write about and what not to.  It is easy to get consumed with the idea that we could potentially write about everything, not realizing the consequences. However, re-reading this post has definitely put things back into perspective again.  It is indeed hard to filter, but it is a necessary and important part and parcel of a blogger/writer.  In wanting to be taken seriously, slandering and exposing people is not the way to go.  Bloggers have the power, but the question is how should we use it?

What Sara (the blogger of this post) says is true, we have to keep the audience in mind.  No matter how small or how big, this audience has different ways of viewing the world and thus could take posts the wrong way, even if that is not the intent.  This reminds me of a quote I had heard a long time ago, which is something that everyone should take into consideration when doing anything in life:

“The worst thing can be done with the best of intentions” – unknown

I am 99.9% sure that I heard it in the third Jurassic Park movie… but that’s besides the point.  It is most definitely not my intent to do so, so lines must be drawn in order to survive the blogging world AND the real one.  As this quote from the blog in question so eloquently puts it:

… “don’t write anything about anyone on your blog that you wouldn’t say to their face in a crowded room.”…


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Blog… and What Shouldn’t Be”

  1. Good thing you brought that to attention. Actually social networking sites or blog sites have a common problem, which is, nobody can see your face while reading your words.

    I would write something with some other intention and someone would interpret it differently, that’s how written and spoken words differ from each other. So Farrah Merza, we have to take care what we have to write on internet :D

    Excellent post.

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