The End of World Peace?

“iPad Tops World Peace on Wish List” (written by Nicole Martinelli)… say what?!  Yes, that was my instant reaction when I read the title.  I was intrigued, perplexed, and a little glum that World Peace wasn’t the primary wish anymore (come on beauty pageant contestants, defend what you always say you want!). I actually found this article before Halloween even started, but I thought I’d wait till at least Halloween was over.  I was waiting for the signal, and what was this said signal you might ask?  The immediate transition from Halloween decorations to Christmas ones.  Take for example, on the night of Halloween, the local Starbucks was already planning on changing things around, gearing towards frosty displays and changing their seasonal lattés (goodbye Pumpkin Spice lattés, I will miss you!).

Back on topic.  Here is the UK wish list that Nicole Martinelli included in her article:

1.       One million British pounds
2.       iPad 2
3.       World Peace
4.       Be Famous
5.       Cosmetic surgery
6.       Sports Car
7.       Mansion
8.       Meet a celebrity
9.       Start own business
10.      Own a designer wardrobe

Granted that this is the UK version, but even so these wishes can’t be severely different from those in the west.  To think that the top two most desired wishes are about money and specifically the iPad 2.  Martinelli does point out that you can’t really box up World Peace and put it under the christmas tree, but neither can you box up some of the other wishes like being famous.  So what is to blame?  I’ll give you a hint, it starts with “m” and ends with “aterialism”.

This materialistic culture has been growing and growing, creating unquenchable desire for the latest product, whether that be for the household or the latest technology.  It’s not that I, myself, am immune.  I am literally moving heaven and earth to get the latest iPhone… okay maybe not literally, but it feels like it.  The truth of it all is that we all want things now that we have the means for it. We want that perfect house, or the best and latest product out on the market.  However, if materialism trumps all else, what is left when everything runs out?


8 thoughts on “The End of World Peace?”

  1. As sad as it, world peace is actually unattainable. It’s a little exaggerated to say it’s the end of world peace because it’s not. It’s not about boxing something up and putting it under a Christmas tree. Wanting world peace requires some level of compromise from every single person on earth. It requires the leaders of every nation putting personal agendas aside or their own nation’s agenda aside and literally doing something that makes a significant difference. Something like being famous is still achievable. You just got to put the effort in. People can give you a head start by getting you the contacts and what not.

    1. Oh I completely agree with you. That’s why the question mark is at the end of the title. It’s not an exaggeration, but an open ended question that could be interpreted in various ways. I think you misunderstood where I was taking this idea. There are most definitely many different factors that will contribute to actually installing world peace, and you stated a few of them. However, if I touched on every single one then it would turn into a research essay, and that is not what my blog is about. It is not a complete regurgitation of school, but mearly a brief blog post that makes you think. The questions at the end of each blog post an attest to that. It is not about only taking what I say as the absolute truth, but to expand on that if you so decide to. I’m sorry that you took this as an exaggeration as that was not my intent. Hopefully this does not dissuade you from continuing to read my blog.

  2. well…world peace can be achieved if it were not for capitalism. if it were not for capitalism, there will be no materialism.

    and you spend too much time in starbucks! :P


  3. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, darn that’s a new level of shallowness achieved by Nicole Martinelli. I am surprised how something so objective as World Peace got into her highly subjective list LOL.

    I mean, if she gets 1 million british pounds, she can almost get everything except the world peace.
    What i’m thinking is that if everything runs out, we will be in panic. That’s when we would need the World peace most.

    Great post again! :D

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you’re liking them! I need to organize my thoughts and create another one! Just one thing, this isn’t Nicole Martinelli’s list but the UK wish list. Though, it would be interesting to see what is on everyone’s wish list.

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