Etiquette of the Road

We’ve all been guilty of speeding, maybe even getting ticketed for something we didn’t even realize we were doing.  The unofficial rule is that 10 km/hour above the speed limit is okay, but is it really?

Today, driving north on Highway 10, I had the absolute pleasure of sharing the road with a police cruiser [note the heavy sarcasm of this sentence].  It was interesting to see the sudden change in driving habits of all the cars nearby.  The sudden application of the breaks and the creation of a sizeable amount of cars all chunking together were the immediate byproducts.  I was curious but also frustrated when everyone suddenly started driving slower than the speed limit, not knowing what to really expect.  The next stretch we all entered was 80 km/hour, which is personally my favourite part of highway 10.  Unfortunately, this police cruiser robbed me of this guilty pleasure.  Needless to say, I was not impressed.  I couldn’t help but think that accelerating to 80 km/hour would have potentially gained the attention of this cruiser, who was stuck behind a slowly moving car.  What did I do instead?  I drove 20 km/hour below the speed limit which was, by the way, brutal!  I definitely did not want to draw attention to myself, so staying behind the cruiser and two lanes over was the best course of action.

This whole experience made me think that even though we follow the rules of the road, if we are perceived to be doing the opposite then we will be flagged down and ticketed.  Seems a bit unfair doesn’t it?


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