Crab Bucket

I do not understand something, the need to pull others down to climb to the top. To, intentionally, submerge them in water in attempts to be rescued.

I instantly think of the K-OS song “Crabbuckit” (which was released in 2004 as a single from his album “Joyful Rebellion”**).  Linking this song might infringe on copyrights, so to avoid potentially nasty lawsuits I will not do so; however, I recommend listening to it. For the longest time I never knew what it meant until someone enlightened me.  The notion of a crab bucket is simple, crabs will actually pull other crabs down further into the bucket, using other crabs as a ladder to freedom.  Strange isn’t it that it is hardwired into a crab’s brain to think individualistically. Because each and every crab instinctively thinks this way, pandemonium ensues, resulting in all the crabs in that bucket to die.

In attempts to avoid the eventuality of this post turning into a rant, I will instead leave you with a thought to ponder.  Will installing a metaphorical crab bucket lead to the collective demise?

**Sources: Wikipedia 


5 thoughts on “Crab Bucket”

  1. Interesting, as much as i hate to agree, yes, it will lead to collective demise. Especially if we look around what’s happening in today’s world. There are like numerous instances where people think individualistically (that’s a stylish word you used), and they’re so keen to go up that they don’t really understand how it’s effecting others around them.

    Good post again, how did you get this Crab Bucket idea for a metaphor?. It explains the actions of humans as well. Ouch, i think we’re crabs :P

    1. Thank you! To be honest, ever since I found out the significance of a crab bucket, I’ve always had the metaphor in the back of my mind. I actually strongly believe it to be true, so it was about time I actually wrote about it.

      It’s interesting that you say that some people do not understand their impact on their surroundings on their quest to climb that ladder of success. Although that maybe true, I feel that some people actually intentionally bring people down. It’s cruel, sad, and unnecessary.

      1. Oh that’s right, when they do it intentionally, it just shows in their behavior, and by that they’re only making themselves look desperate. Ok i must not getting more inquisitive now :D

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