Managing Expectations

We all have them.  Those nagging and sometimes unrealistic expectations that plague our lives.  They are so ingrained in how we perceive the world around us that we are sometimes clueless to their impact. We want to make others happy and be deemed important to others.  So, how do we manage to pull this off?  By managing our own expectations and the expectations of others.  It is a constant struggle of either nurturing our flights of fancy, or the cold hard facts of life.  Many encourage dreaming, discouraging the constant red lighting that occurs when dreams get out of hand.  But, at what cost?  Dreaming is how you start your journey to success, but you also have to know when to apply the breaks, taking into account the expectations of others and the reality of what you want to accomplish.

Let’s be honest ladies, we are so guilty of having insane expectations, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.  We want to make our significant others the ideal Romeos, when all they really want to do is plop themselves down in front of the television and watch sports.  We want to be showered with phrases like “I love you”, or be given flowers on, at least, a weekly basis.  God forbid they forget a hallmark event in the relationship.  That’s what we expect of them. That, and of course we want bragging rights among our girlfriends: “He did what?! *swoons* You are soooo lucky!”.  That is just one of the many examples where expectations sneak their way in, making you loose focus on what really matters.  All I’m suggesting is to be a little more realistic.  Real life is not Hollywood.

It is about compromise, finding that balance of fulfilling your dreams but in a realistic way.  Heck, I was hoping to finish Steve Jobs’s Bio today so I could write about it, but clearly I was -expecting- too much! (haha, get it!?  I know, I’m hilarious!)


6 thoughts on “Managing Expectations”

  1. Ahem, well, that gave me a flashback haha.

    I think expectations are on both sides, i mean both genders, we as humans are more realistic in our expectations when it comes to social interactions other than romantic relationships.

    Also that thing about hollywood, that’s true, today’s media is manipulative, they got people flying over the clouds when all the fun is on the ground.

    Good post.

    1. Thank you! If I had talked about the other expectations that govern our lives, this post would have been so much longer! But you speak the truth, expectations creep into other social interactions as well… THERE IS NO ESCAPE!! Unless of course, you take a step back and actually think about the situation.

      The fun is indeed on the ground!

  2. compromises aren’t really required in order to be happy in life.
    what is required is an open mind. without an open mind, you wont be able to give a person a chance.
    a beautiful person can be horrible when it comes to personalities, and an average person can be amazing when it comes to personality. but same can be true the other way as well.

    if you’re looking for the full package, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment, and what you look for simply does not exist.

    post-modernism/post-structuralism is your friend here.


    1. Very very true, but to have an open mind means to also be open to compromises. Granted, not EVERYTHING has to be a compromise, but at the same time not everything should be one sided. Looking for the full package is a waste of time as it really is non-existent. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but if you can still be with them regardless then they are the right package for you.

  3. well, when i say ‘open minded’ i mean that if others see a flaw in a person, you see that flaw as not a flaw, but just a characteristic.

    as a result, you eliminate most of your pet-peeves, which, in the end, makes you a more bearable person for others. this is also true the other way around, as now you find others more bearable too.

    as a result, no one has any flaws. they all are perfect just they way they are. however, you are obligated to see that in others, and it shouldn’t be their duty to show the world their characteristics.

    stand back and “…read the credits from a different view”

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