That Smell of Rain…

Even though rain is seen as a curse, destroying any plans made of being outdoors, there is just something romantic about it.  Imagine, without the rain, life would not be able to survive as precious water would not be recycled.  I personally love the rain (albeit not stuck outside when it does rain).  I love the sound each droplet makes as they hit the ground, each a naturally occurring percussion instrument creating a wonderful melody.  What I love most about it, however, is the smell.  Does anyone know what I’m talking about?  That rich, earthy smell.  Well, thanks to OMGFacts on Twitter, I found out what that smell really is!  It is actually called Petrichor.  What is this, petrichor you ask?  It is the oil that exudes from plants, which soaks into the dry soil or clay.  When it rains, this oil and another compound geosmin is released in the air, causing that smell.  Bear and Thomas, two Australian researchers coined the term in 1964 in an article in the journal Nature.  The name “petrichor” is actually Greek, derived from “petra” meaning “stone” and “ichor” which means the “fluid that flows in the veins of the Gods”.  Kind of neat isn’t it?

Source: Wikipedia


2 thoughts on “That Smell of Rain…”

  1. “sonthi” or ‘somdhi’ is the word used in arabic/urdu/persian to describe that smell. however, those places are mostly deserts where there are no plants.

    also, many cultures in the eastern part of the world (mostly asia) believes that if it rains ON or the day after your wedding day, then thats a good sign for it to last and last….

    westerners believe the opposite…


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