Books vs. Tablets

With new advances in technology comes new innovations and space saving ideas.  A prime example are the tablets that Apple, Android, RIM, and Indigo have created to make reading more portable than ever before.  Some would argue that books have become obsolete, a distant memory of the past.

© Farrah Merza

However, I am pro books. I love the idea of going into a space dedicated to books, running my fingers across the spines of various novels, finally picking one that I feel will interest me more.  The idea of being curled up in a comfortable couch or lounging on a chaise, sipping a piping hot cup of coffee while reading books is just so much more romantic.  Call me crazy, but a library does not just play on the senses of touch and sight, but olfactory as well.  In other words, books and libraries have a smell to them.  Tablets could never replace this experience.


A lot of you out there would argue that printing books is an environmentalist’s nightmare.  I have even heard that book stores will shred books to get rid of their stock.  Now, I don’t know how much of the last statement is true.  But, if true, shame on you book stores!  But, in being the genius that I am (NOT!), I have a solution to the shredding of books (if true), buy more books!  Or, recycle these doomed books and use them to create new ones.  On the other hand, consider this as well you “pro-tabletists”, the energy used to create the tablets must be overwhelming, using precious and depleting fossil fuels in factories that burn carbon into our atmosphere.  Then, as technology advances, new and better models of tablets will be created, laying to rest the older and obsolete models to collect dust. On the other hand, even though the process is long, trees are actually a renewable resource.

I guess I’ll just leave it up to you then to determine whether I am completely mental, fighting for a dying art of reading, or have a point.  I’m going to cross my fingers, hoping that you will not think I’m mental… although some beg to differ.  Happy reading!


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