The Reign of Snobbism

Why do trends and languages survive in our ever changing world when others simply just whither and die off?  There are many endangered dialects and trends fading at this very moment now.  So, why do some have a strong foothold on society?  I took a Languages in Contact course in my undergrad, which catered towards the love/hate relationship between English and French.  I was very fascinated by the etymology part of the course as I learned that a lot of english words we use today are actually born out of mispronunciations of french words.  (Okay, so clearly it seems that I might be alone in this guilty pleasure I allow myself to have).  But some french words have maintained their status in being used with a snob-like air to them.  The food industry is notorious for that, using “hors d’oeuvres” or “entrées” instead of the english equivalent.  I could go on and on, but I think I should stop myself at risk of becoming too boring.

So, what does this have to do with anything?

Why, Apple of course!  In reading Bryan Chaffin’s article, “UBS Finds 31% of Android Users Likely to Switch to iPhone”, it reminded me about snobbism’s impact on the french language and how it could impact so much more than just language.  In this article, they had a survey of the retention rate of U.S Smartphone Customers and they found that customers with the iPhone have an 89% retention rate.  Gosh that’s a high percentage!  HTC was the second highest with 39%. Even though this is a US based statistic, I know fellow Canadians who love their iPhone and persuade others to get one as well, using catch phrases on their facebook statuses like “Got troubles with your Blackberry?  The local Apple store can fix that”.  It’s cute, it’s catchy, and they have a point.  Apple is increasingly becoming a popular decision amongst smartphone users.  In my opinion, it seems like the attitude towards getting one is a “they have it so I want it, and I want the newer one”.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Apple’s popularity is being fuelled by snobbism and it looks like it is not going to die down anytime soon.

[… I feel the pull of Apple snobbism.  I want one!]  

Chaffin, B. The Mac Observer. “UBS Finds 31% of Android Users Likely to Switch to iPhone”. (c) 2011 


2 thoughts on “The Reign of Snobbism”

  1. its more about capitalism than snobbism. :P
    capitalism sucks. thats why i support the 'no-brand' mentality. be loyal to no brand or product, and shake the capitalists from their foundation. if their advertisement isn't working on me, that just means i'm winning.

    i mean, you have coke and apple and all these other gizmos in school that overshadow the value of books and wisdom that is to be learned there. now, schools have become more about who owns what, who is with the latest trends and fashion and all….

    kinda ridiculous. you get straight A's but you dont wear the clothes that reflect the modern fashion scene, therefore you must be put down and made fun of…right….


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