Are iPhones the new Twist?

While skimming through the many tweets from BBC and AppleGuru to get some inspiration, I stumbled accross this article by Alex Heath called “HTC President:  Kids Hate iPhone Because Dads Have Them”.  The title pretty much says it all.  According to the HTC President, Martin Fichter believes that the iPhones will lose their popularity among the youth because of the growing popularity with the adults.

The funny thing is that upon reading this article, my mind took me back to this rather fuzzy memory I had.    See, when I was young, my dad banned all these anime shows and Nintendo games because, well he was old school like that.  What did I do instead then, you wonder?  Watched Discovery Channel documentaries and informative Biographies.  Besides the point, I remember watching a broadcast about The Twist’s birth and death.  Apparently, The Twist faded out of the spotlight because the adults were also starting to dance the Twist.  [Now remember, this memory was pulled from the murky waters of my childhood memories so I am not 100% sure if this is accurate, but to me it seems like it could have been one of the factors that could have contributed to its death].  So, assuming that Mr. Fichter is right, popularity among the adults can either break or make the iPhone… correct?  In my honest opinion, I believe that the iPhone has surpassed the status of being labeled as a fad.  Most young people I talk to, love their iPhone and therefore recommend it to others as well.

Ask yourselves this, if Mr Fichter is right, are the iPhones becoming the new Twist?

Heath, A. “HTC President:  Kids Hate iPhone Because Dads Have Them”. © 2011.    <>


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